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Falls on River mpanga


Cycad Trees In Mpanga Gorge


Jungle River in Bigodi


Elephants in Kibale Forest


Sycad Trees


Lake George shores

Tourist on A nature Walk


Tourism Pontentials in Kamwenge

 Profiling of tourism sites in Kamwenge District



Profiling information


Lake George

  • It’s a Ramsar site of international significance under the Ramsar Convention of 1971
  • There is a potential to develop boat riding
  • Spot fishing can also be carried out
  • It is located within the Albertine Rift Valley
  • It is in close proximity with Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Presence of power line and a good road network
  • Presence of wide range of bird species
  • Presence of the hippos and crocodiles at Mahyoro landing site
  • It takes very short time for tourists to reach L.George. Within less than two hours, one is able to reach L.George from Fort Portal


The gorge covering parts of Kanara and Ntara

  • This gorge is uniquely and amazingly shaped
  • It  provides a very good/beautiful scenery with trees and steep slopes
  • While on the fringes of the gorge, the outlook of L.George is just marvelous
  • There is presence of cycads(encephalartos whitelockii) that gives the gorge more splendid attraction
  • This particular species found only in this area in the whole world
  • As such they are endemic to this area and are endangered
  • The potential for research because of presence of cycads is largely insurmountable


The Dam located within the gorge

  • Presence of falls which can act  as a tourist attraction feature
  • Presence of a good road network
  • Presence of power generation
  • It is also close to Queen Elizabeth National Park which gives it an upper hand in the development of tourism in Kamwenge district
  • The  steep and winding road that leads to the dam gives amazing features that are characteristic of promoting eco-tourism


Hotels-in Bigodi near Kibale National Park

  • These hotels are in close proximity to Kibale National Park
  • The weather is quite cool and attractive
  • Presence of nice hotels that can provide  accommodation which meets international standards
  • Presence of Electricity in the area
  • Presence of a good road network


The beautiful Kabuga  and Kinyamugara hills

  • Potential area for mountain climbing
  • Potential area for taming wildlife animals
  • Provide a beautiful scenery


Cultural sites in Bigodi

  • Presence of a good road network
  • There is a waterfalls, singing birds and  trees
  • This is where the Omukama used to get water for drinking
  • Presence of Electricity at the site


Iziba Lyomukama

  • This is where Ngorogoza sat with Omukama to discuss settlement of Bakinga in Tooro kingdom
  • Located on a rocky hill overlooking other beautiful undulating hills such as Mushaija Mukulu and Kabuga
  • Commands a very beautiful view of Kamwenge town and its environs
  • Presence of the historical site


Mining sites-Dura and Kitaka

  • Presence of limestone quarry and gold quarry
  • Possibility of seeing how blasting is done
  • Presence of a good road network


Natural Forest-Kakasi

  • Potential area to develop a camping site
  • Presence of a wide range of tree species
  • Part of the area is located in Ibanda and Buhweju districts



Wetlands such as Nyakahama, Bigodi, Rwambu, Mahane, with diverse birds and butterfly species especially in Bigodi areas

  • Already KAFRED is promoting eco-tourism in the swamps of Bigodi
  • The district is therefore in good position to partner up with KAFRED
  • These are potential areas for bird watching
  • Additionally, these areas provide potential for harvesting hand craft materials
  • Presence of different butterfly species
  • The short distance from Fort portal to Bigodi provides more advantage for tourism to thrive in Kamwenge
  • Just 40 minutes is enough for a tour van to reach Bigodi





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General Information about Kamwenge District

Executive Summary from Chief Administrative Officer

Executive Summary from Chief Administrative Officer

  I warmly welcome you to this website which should form the platform for information sharing on Kamwenge District Local Government. kamwenge District Local Government as any other District is established and derives its mandate from the Constitution...
Communication from the Chairperson LC V-Kamwenge

Communication from the Chairperson LC V-Kamwenge

       Welcome  to Kamwenge District Information Portal. Kamwenge District is among the best situated places in the world, with the most conducive weather, geographical features, blessed with natural resources like Kibale Forest,Katonga Game...

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 Number of House holds    88,687
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Total male (Projection 2014)    205,802
Population Density 173 Persons/Km


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