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 Welcome  to Kamwenge District Information Portal. Kamwenge District is among the best situated places in the world, with the most conducive weather, geographical features, blessed with natural resources like Kibale Forest,Katonga Game reserve, Lake Geaorge, Dura Lime stone Quarry and so many others which you cannot find anywhere else. The marvel is that the vegetation in Kamwenge, and indeed the whole of Rwenzori region is ever green! The District is predominantly occupied by the Bakiga,Bafumbira,Batagwenda,Banyarwanda & Batooro who live on the  fertile soils of Kamwenge.

The Development Plan provides a framework for policies, growth priorities and resources for Kamwenge District for the period 2015/2016.  It highlights the major achievements that the District has made in the financial year 2015/16 in line with the various sector priority interventions/priority policies.  The plan provides strategies for addressing constraints and various challenges identified by the various sectors.  The District leadership under this plan is commited to the following priorities;

Improving communication and health infrastructure promote and implement UPE, strengthening secondary, technical and vocational education in the district.

Provision of safe water and sanitation facilities with a view of increasing water coverage in schools and public institutions.

To increase household level production and factor productivity in line with prosperity for all, the district is planning under programmes such as, OPW, Youth livelihood,, LGMSD and partnerships with NGOs to high yielding and improved technologies to farmers.  In addition extension services aimed at increasing adoption will be the mainstay of this plan.

To further increasegeral community awerenesss, intensification of community mobilisation campaigns through Fucntional Adult Literacy will be promoted.

In a special way the district leadership will ensure continued operation, maintenance and sustainability of all investments so that resources are not wasted.

Planning in Districts is a comprehensive exercise and process in terms of stakeholders and time involved. This plan addresses issues covered in related documents like the BFP and Budget for 2015/16.  I would encourage readers of this plan where possible to read the other documents referred to above.  However, the plan provides an overall framework for district interventions for the next five years. 

I therefore urge all our partners to utilise this plan for development in the spirit of the district motto ”Together for Development”

Hon: Natuhamya Aggrey
District Chairperson -Kamwenge



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