The major tourist attractions in Kamwenge District are; National Parks-Queen Elizabeth and Kibale, Katonga Game Reserve, Lake George, Rivers Mpanga and Dura. There are spectacular water falls on river Mpanga as it enters Lake George where construction of a hydro-electricity power dam has been completed. Other places of interest include: Kanyancu Tourist Centre, Bigodi wetlands sanctuary. The district also has affordable accommodation at Mantana, Nkingo and Bigodi Resort all in Busiriba Sub County along Kamwenge-Fort-Portal road and Kamwenge Guest home, Tides Motel, Club Afreka, and Cape hotel in Kamwenge Town council.

Demographic Indicators

Total land area           2,375,3 km2
Total Population
(Projection 2014)
 Number of House holds    88,687
Total female (Projection 2014)   215,668
Total male (Projection 2014)    205,802
Population Density 173 Persons/Km

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