Planning Unit

 Planning Unit

The mandate of planning Unit is basically supportive to council. The latter has responsibility to approve District budgets and plans is fulfilled through the District Planning Unit which guides and coordinates the preparation of the above documents as stipulated in the 1995 Uganda Constitution Article 176 and the local Government Act 1997 section 36. Planning Unit is mandated to coordinate the above planning function in the district in coordination with district and lower local government leadership.

The District planning unit has got various sections including, Administration, Development planning, population, and Statistics.

Demographic Indicators

Total land area           2,375,3 km2
Total Population
(Projection 2014)
 Number of House holds    88,687
Total female (Projection 2014)   215,668
Total male (Projection 2014)    205,802
Population Density 173 Persons/Km

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