District Vision, Mission and Objectives


The vision of Kamwenge district is “Improved quality of life for all the people of Kamwenge by the year 2030”

Mission is “to Provide coordinated and participatory service delivery by all stakeholders focusing on National and local priorities for the development of Kamwenge District”.

Overall Development Goal

‘’Having an empowered and prosperous Kamwenge community’’

 District Development Objectives

These objectives are expected to guide interventions of all sectors as well as partners who are interested in supporting Kamwenge district over the plan period. Ultimately contribution towards achieving the district vision and mission will be attained.

  1. To increase accessibility to and utilisation of health services to the district population.
  2. To ensure that infrastructure facilities, including feeder roads, water supplies and public buildings, are available in all parts of the district according to minimum national standards.
  3. To increase the levels of education and literacy in the district.
  4. To provide an accountable local government system.
  5. To ensure food sufficiency and security in the district, and the effective marketing of produce and products.
  6. To identify and collect sufficient revenue to ensure that service delivery standards are met.
  7. To manage environmental and natural resources in a sustainable manner.
  8. To avail community services to all people of the district according to their needs.
  9. To provide social and economic infrastructure in the district.

Demographic Indicators

Total land area           2,375,3 km2
Total Population
(Projection 2014)
 Number of House holds    88,687
Total female (Projection 2014)   215,668
Total male (Projection 2014)    205,802
Population Density 173 Persons/Km

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